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Ragheb Alama

Page White Acrobat
Image , City Ghoubeiry, Beirut
Country Lebanon
Years active 1980s-present


Ragheb Subhi Alama was born and raised in Ghoubeiri in Beirut, Lebanon. He got married to Jehan Al Ali in January 18 1996, and became the father of 2 children, Khaled (Born 1997) and Louay (Born 2001). He has 3 sisters and 4 brothers-of which he was the 4th. His father named him after the first Lebanese Judge, "Ragheb beik Alama". One of the most celebrated singers in the Arab world, spanning a successful career of 25 years. Born on June 7th, 1962, Ragheb Alama had been a brilliant and talented child. At an early age his father, Subhi Alama, discovered that his son was gifted with a good voice allied with talent and arranged for him to be introduced to the radio. Later, when he turned fifteen, he was admitted to the Conservatoire where he excelled in his studies of lute. He took part in Art Studio Program studio al Phan and at the concert won a gold medal for his achievements in the field of folklore songs. His rise to fame and popularity occurred in 1982. He has taken part in several Festivals, both Arab and International, such as at Carthage, Jerash and the City Lights Festival in Egypt. His awards include the Key of Detroit, that of the City of Sydney, a platinum disc for his album called "Albi A'she'aha". And Egypt's Oscar for Video Clip "Alamtini", Best Arabic Male Singer in the Arabian World Gold Lion in 1998. He released around 15 albums since early 1980s until now. The first successful album which remarked the debut of his career internationally was "Albi A'she'aha", which was also the first video clip ever made in the Arab world. Since then Ragheb's albums were remarkably successful such as "Ya Hayaty", " Bravo Aliki", "Farq Kbeer" , "Habiby ya Nasi", "Tab Leih" and recently "El Hob El Kbeer". In 1999,[Foxy Brown]-An American rapper,was inspired by Ragheb Alama's song "Ya Bouy" and included parts of it in a special remix she made in her album "Hood Scriptures". In 2006, Ragheb was invited to participate in the pro-celebrity Formula One race, held in Bahrain, as an introductory show to the competition.Although the Superstar had never experienced such an event, his passion for driving and determination for success made him win Third Place overall.

Albums (5)
Songs (55)
# SONG Album
1 Yallah Ya Chabab Saharony Ellil Play Music
2 Betgheeb Betrouh Saharony Ellil Play Music
3 Albi Hita Saharony Ellil Play Music
4 Awseflek Eh Saharony Ellil Play Music
5 Bahwa Saharony Ellil Play Music
6 Genny Saharony Ellil Play Music
7 Habib Alby Saharony Ellil Play Music
8 Lahzet Gonou Saharony Ellil Play Music
9 Saharony Elleil Saharony Ellil Play Music
10 Ya Salam Saharony Ellil Play Music
11 Tab Leh Tab Leih Play Music
12 Agmal Ameerah Tab Leih Play Music
13 Ahebak Tab Leih Play Music
14 Ala Kaifaak Tab Leih Play Music
15 La Taoolyla Tab Leih Play Music
16 Layalinaaladeema Tab Leih Play Music
17 Maba3dena Tab Leih Play Music
18 Ma Baaash Tab Leih Play Music
19 Matoleesh Baedain Tab Leih Play Music
20 Orbaknar Tab Leih Play Music
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